Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barbara Update 14 December

Barbara came out of intensive care on the 9th...and then had a day in isolation. She picked up a meningitis infection which has now been managed with antibiotics.

She's now on the normal ward

Technically things are OK – the operation did what it was supposed to do. Although she is as "weak as a puppy" after being stuck in bed for 2 weeks and having an operation and infection and some bouts of persistent epilepsy. She started walking a few steps yesterday.

Mentally - she is building up from a very low point (which was 9th December) …and we just have to wait how much of her facilities she recovers and when. At the moment she can have some conversation but finds it hard to talk and explain herself. Her vision is a bit confused but she can watch TV and see pictures.

You can imagine she has gone through an emotional roller coaster. All the things about being dangerously ill and unable to communicate properly. She has periods when she is happy and periods when she is a bit angry and scared. Very good periods and some awful periods.

I think the good periods are starting to win and she is improving a bit every day.

Jack and Harry had a nice visit on Monday and she may be up to a few visitors starting later this week.

I hope to get her home for a few hours at Christmas and then properly in the new year.

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